December 7, 2023


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“Moments the club and David Moyes will never forget” after West Ham’s Europa League triumph.

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Football has the ability to help you forget your troubles for a while.

They help you forget the knuckleheads in the stands, and the players who fake injuries by rolling around on the floor when they’ve been barely touched.

Football makes for unforgettable occasions.

West Ham manager David Moyes spotted his father by the side of the field at Fortuna Arena, where the team was celebrating a victory.

The Uefa president, Aleksander Ceferin, rushed over to him and greeted him with a bear hug before placing the winner’s medal around his neck.

87 years old is old for David senior. The age of his son’s son is 60. They both beamed with a broad grin. Their expressions of happiness were priceless. A father and son, a man who has excelled in one of the most harsh fields, celebrate his first major professional victory.

“He was the first one I thought I should get it [the medal] round his neck,” Moyes added. “Let’s hope he’s having fun with it.”

West Ham residents will never forget June 7th, 2023. Award number 43 for this club. This is their first European title since 1965, when Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst, and Martin Peters were all members of the squad.

The team’s captain, Declan Rice, said that a victory over Fiorentina in Prague would cement their place in history. Thanks to Jarrod Bowen’s game-winning goal, they are now champions. The turning point that allowed everyone to forget the past.


When the initial excitement wears off and is replaced by contentment, though, things get more complicated.

How can you go over this and towards the future?

West Ham is my home, says captain Rice.
Here are ten stunning images from the Hammers’ “We dreamed of this” night.

David Moyes discusses West Ham’s’super season’ in Europe and goal celebrations
The club’s chairman, David Sullivan, made reference to the controversial decision to move the triumph parade from Upton Park to London Stadium on Thursday in the first official statement given by the club after the final whistle.

“When we moved to the new ground, we dreamed of moments like this,” he explained.

To ensure that every time our men and women don the West Ham United colors for the start of a new season, they are in contention for greater success, it is now our responsibility to build on this victory and the double-winning accomplishments of our Under-18 Academy team.

Nicely put. far more difficult to put into action.

To begin with, West Ham is losing their captain. Given how much Rice has sacrificed for the team, it was only fitting that he take part in the festivities after the game.

He had no one to blame but himself if he decided to wait until the summer to make a big money move. He gushed, “I love this club, I love playing for this club,” after the game.

A lot of West Ham fans may have sung “one more year, Declan Rice” before, during, and especially after the game, but they all know that Declan Rice is leaving the club.

David Moyes is jubilant.
David Moyes’ first trophy as a manager after 25 years came in 2013.
Moyes’ own job security has been under examination at several points this season. Three times he seemed to be on the verge of being fired, but each time he managed to pull off a victory and live to fight another day.

In a pregame interview, the Scot made it crystal plain that he wouldn’t be leaving for whatever reason. For Sullivan to then inform Moyes that he is no longer needed is an especially harsh call after what he just delivered.

This seems really unlikely.

If I had predicted three years ago that West Ham would finish sixth, seventh, make the European semi-finals, and win the European trophy, Moyes added, “you would have said he’s lost his marbles.”

Lucky me, I joined this gang. They’ve been quite helpful even when things could have gone otherwise.

The tasks that are still to come
However, Moyes’ attempt to reshape the team last summer following seven consecutive top-seven Premier League finishes was unsuccessful.

The Italian striker who cost £30.5 million fell short of expectations. His name is Gianluca Scamacca. It was a waste of £17.5 million to sign Maxwel Cornet.

With Rice possibly leaving, the team will need to solve major flaws in crucial positions. That needs to be addressed before Moyes can plan how to promote the young players who recently won the FA Youth Cup for the first time in 24 years into the first-team setting.

All this must be accomplished at a time when the ‘top six’ has expanded to seven with the addition of Newcastle. West Ham’s’spot’ has been grabbed by Aston Villa, a similarly sized club with similarly ambitious goals and a coach with a history of winning important trophies.

The development of Brighton and Brentford will be tested, but the clubs have sound recruitment procedures and there is no reason to expect a major setback.

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A dispute over who owns West Ham has also arisen, with Czech investor Daniel Kretinsky rumored to be interested in purchasing a controlling stake. Since the new year, death of co-chairman David Gold and his daughter Jacqueline has cast a pall of doubt over the company.

If UK Athletics decides it can no longer afford to maintain a presence at London Stadium, there will also be a stadium one. Due to financial concerns, the track and field governing body has considering reaching a settlement agreement to terminate its long-term deal to use the stadium.

To discuss the future is unnecessary given that Jarrod Bowen predicted “the party tonight will be crazy” in his post-game press conference. His observation that “days like this don’t come around often, you have to enjoy them” was spot on.

It’s true that 43 years is a significant chunk of time.

It may be some time before this proud and now joyful east London club comes back to earth after the parade and Pablo Fornals’ wedding this week.

But it’s on the way. And addressing it might be complicated.

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